Kindergarten: Grey Shorts with red and grey checked shirt for boys and red and grey checked frocks for girls with black shoes and grey socks.

Primary Boys:  Uniform shirts with grey shorts, Black shoes, tie and belt.

Primary Girls:  Uniform shirts with grey pinafore, School shoes, tie and belt.

High School Boys:  Red and grey check half sleeve shirt  and grey pants, school tie, black shoes and  grey socks.

High School Girls:  Chudidars with red and grey checks top and Grey pants with Grey veil, Black shoes and Grey socks.

P.U. Boys: Brown Pants, white and brown striped shirt and brown and white striped tie with black shoes and brown socks.

P.U. Girls: Chudidars with white and brown striped top and brown pants with brown veil, Black shoes and brown socks.

White uniforms with white shoes and socks for all the students on Wednesday.

First Grade College Uniform:

Women (Salwar Kameez)

• Dress material should be the College Uniform with the prescribed stitching pattern
• Tops should be round in ‘Nehru collar’ style. Deep neck and long slit patterns are banned
• Pants should be formal. Push ups and leggings are banned.
• Stoles, short kurthas, colouring of hair, piercing of body for studding, etc. are not allowed
• Uniform should be prominently displayed. Scarves / head coverings are strictly prohibited.
• Being bedecked in huge jewelry-genuine or imitative should be avoided
• Acceptable footwear include: pumps, peep toe, open toe dress shoes, closed and open toe sling backs, open back heels, clogs, loafers, deck shoes, non-athletic walking shoes, dress boots and flats.

Men (Formal Wear)

• Dress material should be the College Uniform with the prescribed stitching pattern
• Shirts should be in formal style (half sleeves only) without any designs or trendy cuts.
• Trousers should be in formal style full length – straight cut. and not in baggy, cargo. low-waist, pencil/carrot cut or in any other style
• The belts, if used, should be of leather, formal in style and black in color.
• Tattoos, ear-rings, pigtails. awkward bracelets, headgears, cowboyish / gypsy appearance, visors, sunglasses. etc., are banned w Hairstyle must be formal – neat. tidy, organized, and well groomed. Hair coloring is not allowed
• Moustaches are allowed, but hair may not extend beyond the edges of the lips, nor may it extend beyond the top of the upper lip
• Beard should be neatly shaved or trimmed (it should not be longer than one quarter centimeter in length if sported). All types of beard and moustache designs are prohibited.
• Hiking boots, cowboy boots and gaudy colored footwear are banned
• The Pant Should be waist height and not low waist and the pant bottom should be minimum 13.5 inches


  • Enquire for the Uniform materials in the School Office.
  • High School and College Boys and Girls are advised to stitch the uniform from the tailors near by the campus.
  • All uniform Pants should be formal and low waist pants are banned.