Fully furnished and spacious classroom, university qualified faculties, students safety is monitored by CCTV, high-tech learning experience with the use of information and communication technology, individual attention to the students with a cordial relationship with the parents, canteen facility, gym and weight lifting.

The well-furnished auditoriums – Vidyachethana and Vidyasinchana are established with state of the art facilities for housing variety of intellectual and cultural activities.

Students who stay in the hostel can avail the facility of the Syndicate Bank, near to the campus who are cordial to the students. Students can transact in the Bank and students are encouraged to open a savings bank account.

The post office is also near the campus and students can use the facilities offered by them.

Stationeries, Photostat machines, Cloth stores etc are very nearby to the campus and the students can make use of it but with due permission from the Principal or warden.

Medical benefits are also at hand and only in the case of severe ailments, parents can take their children for further consultation.